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  • Students from preschool through 8th grade have read The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind by William Kamkwamba as part of a One School, One Book initiative.  Wind energy became the number-one source of new U.S. electricity-generating capacity for the first time in 2012, providing some 42% of all new generating capacity. Since then, wind has continued to perform extremely well, along with all other renewables. Together, renewables accounted for two-thirds of all new U.S. generating capacity in 2015.
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  • "The middle school recently finished a book called The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind. The book is about a young boy named William Kamkwamba who lives in Malawi, Africa and despite many hardships, pursues his dream of being a scientist by creating electricity. We experienced the book in many different ways: we learned in science how electricity works by building windmills and learning about batteries; we learned in art about kinetic energy by creating insects out of wicker reed and rice paper; and in Humanities, we wrote to him and experienced his struggles and triumphs by connecting with the story." -- Tom Pepper, 8th Grade Student speaks at Meeting for Assembly
 MPFS News
  • Each year, students at Media-Providence Friends School participate in a cross-curricular, project-based STEAM Week. While STEAM education is a part of the curriculum year round at MPFS, this weeklong intensive offers a students a special experience unlike anything else...
  • If it’s about math, Lucas will likely offer an opinion, a theorem, or a solution. “Lucas is unlike any math student I’ve had in 17 years of teaching,” says T. Jen. “In class, he’ll tell me that he couldn’t sleep the night before because he was thinking about math ideas and number concepts. That’s not typical!”...
  • Amid commotion by the often vocal, opinionated, and strong-minded Class of 2017, Sherisse demonstrates quiet, impactful leadership by example. “In both [this year’s and last year’s] middle school musicals, Sherisse did a lot to hold the cast together,” says T. Stefanie, music teacher...
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