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Opening the Window to Creativity at MPFS: Music

Posted On: 2/28/2017 12:40 PM

With (as always) our students in mind, we have launched a social media campaign in support of our arts programs and of our vision of integrated arts education. For the next 47 days, supporters of MPFS, the arts, and primary education can contribute online via our Give Campus: The Arts at MPFS donation page to help us purchase tools and technologies from a wish list developed thoughtfully by T. Karen, T. Stefanie, and T. Donna. We've already raised $5,391 toward our $25,000 goal! After the campaign, will continue to fund this initiative through a fun and lively paddle raise at our Spring Auction on Friday, April 21.

To keep you informed, each week, we'll post a news installment addressing our mission and our wish list within one arts discipline or focus. You can find tips to help spread the word about this campaign on the Fund the Arts at MPFS page of the Support section of our website. Thank you in advance for your support and for encouraging others to Be-Friend us!  

T. Stefanie, music teacher at MPFS, hosts her Spring and Winter concerts in our Meeting room. It is the largest space available with manageable acoustics. Since the room is not specifically designed for these types of performances she will mic the classes to augment the sound quality. The wish list includes Speakers and a mixer that will allow T. Stefanie to maximize sound control during these wonderful concerts. 

She has also listed Classroom Listening Centers. These centers engage up to eight students in the same audio lesson at once per kit. “Hearing is the primary channel for learning. The more children hear, the better they learn." (Dr. Mark Ross, University of Connecticut) At MPFS we go a step further to focus on the importance of listening. With listening centers involving headphones and music, we can help students increase their listening comprehension level. Musical training helps develop language and reasoning, a mastery of memorization, pattern recognition and much more. This gives our students the extra edge, with improvements in focus, cognitive control, performance, literacy and learning.

  • Classroom Listening Centers (2)
  • Speakers (2)
  • Mixer
  • Microphone Cables (6)


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