All of us who teach here believe that the students we teach today will ultimately make our world a better place.
This hope informs all we do. It's why we hold students to high academic and community standards. It's why we teach them to be peacemakers and offer real world opportunities to be true agents of change. It's why we celebrate diversity in all its many forms. It's what compels our commitment to small classes and interdisciplinary studies. It's why we emphasize critical thinking, creative problem solving and respectful advocacy. It's why we teach children to be stewards of our planet, calling them to lead lives of integrity and purpose.

We welcome parents as our partners in these efforts and are glad to share this website so that you can learn more about our philosophy of education, academic programs, enrichment activities and school community. Once you've had a glimpse of life at MPFS, I invite you to arrange a visit to discover first-hand what a small Friends learning community can offer your child. 


Earl Sissell 
Head of School

Our History

Founded in 1876, Media-Providence Friends School is a co-ed Quaker day school for students in preschool through eighth grade located in downtown Media, Delaware County, Pennsylvania.
A close-knit learning community, MPFS offers students big views of the world ahead. Here, in small classes, under the caring tutelage of early childhood, elementary school and adolescent experts who love what they do, students from different backgrounds and faiths grow up together, immersed in an academic environment that speaks to all the aspects of their beings: intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Every day, students at Friends are engaged in the processes of learning and discovery in contexts that honor the values of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality and service. As they reflect upon what they hear, see and feel, make connections between lessons and life, construct knowledge and act upon their convictions, they learn that learning itself is a lifetime pursuit.

"Our world needs inventive thinkers who offer ideas for solving the problems that face humanity. MPFS provides the kind of transformative education that creates such thinkers." Earl Sissell