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Daryl Ballough

Sixth Grade Advisor
Fourth-Eighth Grade Science Teacher
Work 610-565-1960 x123
2021-13_Daryl Headshot

Daryl’s aim is to correct a problem she encountered as an adjunct professor at LaSalle University where, among other classes, she taught Science to education majors.  In the course of surveying these future teachers, she found that negative Math and Science experiences as middle and high school students had virtually halted their interest in the subjects. “I decided to go to the root of the problem and become an elementary Science teacher myself so kids would have positive experiences.  The world needs more curious, scientific thinkers!”

Such a thinker herself, Daryl was one of just two women in her class to graduate with a B.S. in Physics from Millersville University.  She subsequently received her M.S. in Bioengineering from Penn State. After working in applied research labs, starting a family, living in France for a few years, and her epiphany-inducing stint in academia, in 2000 she joined MPFS faculty. When not fostering kids’ curiosity, she enjoys spending time with her family, boating on the Chesapeake, reading and Zumba!