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  • Did you know that MPFS was the first independent school in the area to integrate? When the school admitted its first African American student in 1937, half of the then enrolled families immediately withdrew. Despite this hardship, the school stood by its decision. Today, with intention, the school remains committed to reflecting the ethnic, religious and economic diversity of the area within its student body and strives to uphold the values Dr. King promoted.

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2016 MLK Day of Service Activities

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  • 2nd Graders on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    “Martin Luther King Jr. was very caring. He lived in Atlanta, Georgia. He did not fight by hurting people. He did it with love. He wanted to change laws so brown people could go anywhere people of other colors went. He wanted everybody to be able to sit where they wanted.”

    “Martin Luther King Jr. lived in Atlanta, Georgia. Martin Luther King, Jr. could not play with his friends if they were white because black people and white people could not play together. He helped to change the rules and that was good. That made all people able to use the same water fountains, go to the same restaurants and go to the same schools. Martin Luther King helped tell people his ideas because he used to tell a lot of stories and give speeches. Martin Luther King Jr. got shot because they didn’t like what he talked about. He told people to fight with love and words.”

    “Martin Luther King Jr. lived in Atlanta, Georgia. He was black and his friend was white. When he walked his friend home, the mom said, ‘You cannot play with my son anymore!’ Martin was sad. He did not have his friend anymore. He went home and his mom said, ‘Why are you sad?’ Martin told his mom that his friend’s mom told him he could not play with his friend anymore. His mom gave him a big hug. He felt a little better. The next day, Martin was walking around town and he saw signs that said ‘WHITES ONLY’ in restaurants, water fountains, bathrooms, neighborhood playgrounds, and schools. When he grew up he gave a lot of speeches to change this. He got awarded a Nobel Peace prize for his words.”

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Heard on Campus

  • During our MLK Day of Service, kindergarten students learned about the importance of buying Fair Trade ingredients like chocolate. Parent volunteers taught students how to spot Fair Trade products so they can help shop FT. Students were shocked to learn that the adults – and children – who work on cocoa bean farms are often not paid a living wage, and receive only pennies for their hard work. “That’s not fair and it makes me sad to think about that,” said one Kindergartener. “Let’s help them!”