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  • After several years traveling to northern New Mexico, this year, our 8th graders traveled to Costa Rica for their culminating trip before graduation. One of our students’ favorite places in Costa Rica was the Monteverde cloud forests which is recognized as one of the “7 Wonders of Costa Rica.” It also has the largest number of orchids in the world, with 34 of its 500 species newly discovered. That’s not all! Over 60 species of amphibians including the extinct Monteverde-endemic golden toad, have been found in Monteverde. That’s something to croak about!

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Inspiration in the Everyday at MPFS

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  • Earth Day poetry

    For Earth Day, 2nd and 3rd graders wrote poems about Mother Earth and shared them during an event at Glen Providence Park in front of their community.

    The Earth

    The Earth is alive and special.
    It gives us food and a home.
    It has air to breathe and gravity.
    You can plant on it like no other planet.
    But only we can make sure everything stays clean.
    The air we breathe, the water we drink.
    We can rely on the Earth and the Earth can rely on us.
    But, without the Earth there would be no life in the Universe.

    Earth acrostic

    E- Every precious ore

    A- Always re-producing

    R- Re-creating a better atmosphere

    T- The supplier

    H- Heavenly with resources

    Plants are Life!

    Plants are life!
    We need them to breathe
    We shouldn’t cut them down for stuff we want
    So every time you see a plant
    Say thank you!
    Thank you to Mother Earth
    Because she gives us life.

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Heard on Campus

  • Our 8th graders traveled to Costa Rica for their culminating trip before graduation. Upon returning, students had a lot to say about their big adventure but many students shared that what they valued most was spending time with their peers. Jaelynne sums it up by saying, “At school sometimes we’re split up, there’s always so much going on, but on the trip we were able to hang out all together and really bond.” We’re so proud of our 2015 graduating class!