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  • As the Lower School studies Africa this year, they're discovering many surprising facts. Among them: you can fit China, Europe and the United States inside of Africa and still have nearly 1 million square kilometers of space to fill; it snows in Africa... in some countries children make snowmen regularly during winter months; this year, it snowed in Cairo for the first time in 100 years; and, giraffes (a favorite African animal!) have prehensile tongues, can go weeks without drinking water, and are 6 feet tall at birth.

Tell Us What You Think

Tell Us What You Think

Last month, for Valentines, we asked, "What' do you love about MPFS?". Window readers love the nurture children receive here, our values-infused curriculum and our awesome faculty!


Since this Window is being published on the eve of Spring, we want to know, what's your favorite 'sign of Spring'?


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A Four-Minute Midsummer Night's Dream

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  • Collaborative Creative Writing, PreK-4 Style

    While they were learning about what differentiates fictional stories from factual text, the PreK-4's worked in partner pairs with Teachers Lisa and Van to author collaborative pictorial stories, choosing characters from amongst a variety of stickers, following story-writing conventions, and using developmental spelling for as many words as they could muster! With this year's LONG winter, it's no surprise that these stories feature a lot of snow! "Translations" of their creations follow :-D

    by Tommy and Charlie

    Once there was a penguin skating on the ice. Then a boy started throwing snowballs at him. So the penguin threw a snowball back at him. This made a tree fall down! Then the tree apologized for falling down.

    Winter Squirrel and Reindeer
    by Julien and Leah

    Once upon a time, a squirrel fell into the water. The reindeer helped the squirrel out. The reindeer's head was cold, so the squirrel gave him a hat. The reindeer said thank you and then it started to snow.

    The Great Kindness
    by Gianna and Ben

    First there was a penguin who was ice skating. Then a boy threw a snowball at the penguin. The penguin got sad and walked over to the boy. He talks to him and says he's sorry. Then they both go sledding, and after that they went sledding.

    The Reindeer and the Squirrel
    by Ian and Conrad

    Once a reindeer and a squirrel were playing a jumping in the snow game in winter. The reindeer accidentally bumped the squirrel into a tree and he fell into the snow. The reindeer gave the squirrel a coat because it was cold. Then they built a snowman because that was a safer game. The squirrel jumps to give the reindeer a hat.

    The Girl and the Penguin
    by Selina and Ben

    Once upon a time a girl and a penguin were skating. Then the girl accidentally kicked a snowball on the penguin's head. That made the penguin feel cold, so the girl gave him a hat and he said "Thank You."

    By Jimmy and Kaylee

    A boy and a reindeer were playing with snowballs and a snowstorm came. So they hid in the trees near the ice. The storm made the water un-frozen, so they got wet and went home to play.

    The Penguin and the Reindeer
    by Josiah and Lucas

    The penguin was playing. The reindeer was building a snowman. The reindeer thinks the snowman needs a hat, so the penguin brings him a hat. Now the reindeer thinks it needs an extra button, so the reindeer uses a snowball to make a button.

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Heard on Campus

  • Teachers Claire and Christa in the front office chat with students all week long as they stop in to drop off lunch money, ring the recess bell, or obtain a bandaid or frozen sponge for the occasional bump and bruise. Recently a Kindergartener came in from a cold, windy recess to ask, "Can I please have some gasoline for my chapped lips?". Of course, without missing a beat, the Vaseline was procured, and the chapped lips were soothed!