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  • Our 2nd graders have been learning about the science of sound with T. Holly. They took a nature walk to Glen Providence park to take in the sounds of science and learn about how sound travels. Students learned that our ears vibrate in a similar way to the original source of the vibration, allowing us to hear many different sounds. They also hypothesized in their outdoor experiments that sound travels differently through the air than it does through wood or water.

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A Special MPFS Playground iReport: A Teacher's Perspective

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  • Creative Writing

    Last year, middle school students requested elective classes they could choose from. Our faculty listened, and this year middle school students can choose from Creative Dramatics, Leadership, and Makerspace. Creative Dramatics explores creative writing and storytelling. Below is a piece of spooky flash fiction from 7th grader Matt:

    It was a cold night just a day before Halloween. Brandon walked along the sidewalk to his house. Today he would be really late to family dinner because his bus was delayed after a minor car accident. As he walked along the sidewalk, the hair on his neck began to raise; Brandon heard the distinct noise of rustling leaves. "He-he-hello?" Brandon called out with a slightly unsettled voice. Then he saw it—a pumpkin just laying on the edge of the bushes next to his house. "Alright this is not funny! Clair I'm telling mom if you don't cut this out."

    Then Brandon felt something crawling on his neck...a big, hairy, brown spider was crawling on him! "Eeeeeeeeeeeeee! Help! Get it off!" Brandon hated spiders and managed to brush the little bugger off. Wait is that spider attached to a piece of thread? Brandon pondered as he looked at the spider more closely.

    Sadly Brandon's little victory over his fears didn't last,the pumpkin was a little closer and now was sitting on someones neck but there didn't seem to be any head along with it IT WAS THE HEADLESS HORSEMEN! Brandon began to cry. First the creepy pumpkin, then the fake spider, THEN the headless horse man who was now laughing. Wait.......Brandon knew that laugh "dad is that you?" Then He looked up and saw his little brother Wyatt in the tree playing with a string that was connected to the fake spider! "Happy Halloween!" his dad screamed out into the night. Brandon smiled. He knew this would be the best Halloween ever.

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Heard on Campus

  • Makerspace is our new classroom dedicated to student innovation through building, creating, and imagining with both high-tech and low-tech tools. Students from 1st through 8th grade can take Makerspace Enrichment, supervised studio time during After-School Enrichment. On the first day of Enrichment, 7th grader Jack worked with classmate Sander to teach 1st grader Adam how to use the 3D printer. The students set to work printing a 3D dragon (the MPFS mascot!) “This really blows me away!” said Jack, as the students watched the makerbot with excitement.