When you choose an MPFS education for your child, you’re investing in his or her future, joining a community of parents who value education as you do and who understand that it’s the experiences in the formative “ele-middle” years that shape the people their children will become. You’re choosing exceptional teachers, small classes, a vibrantly diverse student body and a transformative academic program. It’s a choice that entails a substantial investment, but it’s the most important choice you can make for your child.

Please visit our Financial Aid page to learn about need-based financial aid.
 2017-18 School Fees
School Fees include tuition, student accident insurance and membership in the Parents Association.
PreK-3 and PreK-4 $9,640-$17,550
Kindergarten $17,750
1st Grade $17,950
2nd Grade $18,150
3rd Grade $18,350
4th Grade $18,800
5th Grade $19,250
6th Grade $19,700
7th Grade $20,150
8th Grade $20,600
Extended Day $3,350
2017-18 Activity and Technology Fees
The Activity Fee covers expenses associated with field trips and special activities classes participate in during the year (with the exception of upper elementary and 8th Grade overnight trips). The Technology Fee provides an iPad for each middle schooler.
PreK-3, PreK-4 and Kindergarten $40
1st-3rd Grade $65
4th-5th Grade $90
6th-8th Grade $250
6th-8th Grade Technology/iPad Fee $200
 2017-2018 Payment Plans
Tuition is for the entire school year. Three payment plans are available:
Plan A 100% of tuition is due on July 1, 2017
Plan B 60% of tuition is due on July 1, 2017
40% of tuition is due on December 1, 2017
Plan C  9, 10 or 11 monthly payments, beginning either June 30, July 10 or 20, 2017 through the “SMART Plan”, a direct withdrawal from checking or savings account or credit card. Tuition fees are the same as in Plan B. 1% of the unpaid balance is calculated into your monthly payments. The individual payments are calculated by the business office.
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