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MPFS @home

The faculty and staff at MPFS are allowed the flexibility to craft an outstanding distance learning program and had the ability to do test-runs before the stay-at-home order was put into place. Additionally, each family has been equipped with Chromebooks to ensure that all MPFS students, regardless of finances, are able to successfully participate. 

Friends Education

Friends have been linking intellectual, social and spiritual growth for nearly 400 years. Teachers in Friends schools aim to expose children to a “way of seeing the world” that will have a lasting impact on their lives, nurturing a passion for the truth and concern for social justice; and confidence that they can make a difference.

Service Learning

Our belief that our students are preparing for morally-based, global citizenship impels us to utilize the world around us, so they learn that there’s a larger community of which they are a part, that they can participate in it helpfully and that they can influence the lives of others in powerful, positive ways.

STEAM Education

STEAM Education is the integration of science, technology, engineering, art, math, and music across grades. The cross-curriculum, project-based approach to STEAM at MPFS prepares students for critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, adaptability, and more in a quickly advancing world.

Afterschool Enrichment

A rotating schedule of structured after school enrichment courses for every age group is offered each trimester. Classes may include Art Open Studio, Little Naturalists, Ceramics, Cooking, Math & Science Club, Drama, Photography, Zumba, Rock Jam Studio, Tae Kwon Do, Sewing, Yoga, and more.


The Makerspace is a space solely dedicated to encouraging students of all ages to innovate, problem-solve, and create. Students will be equipped with high tech tools, such as a 3D printer; low tech tools, including handsaws and hammers; and tools in between, such as sewing machines.


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of Students Receive Need-Based Aid


Miles Traveled From Media to Costa Rica for the 8th Grade Trip

Around Campus

Middle School Affinity Groups Info and Family Affinity & Anti-Racist Working Groups Interest Survey

Imagine a typical Middle School classroom. Well, a typical classroom during COVID.  There is a collection of students "in the room", some at home, some on campus. They are working on an identity exercise, thinking about gender, family structure, siblings, and race. There is much intersectionality and diversity. One distinctive omission that stands out to the teachers: many, if not all, of the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) students list their race as the number one way they identify. 

Not a single white student lists their race….Interesting, yet not surprising.  

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Martin Luther King, Jr. 2021 Day of ServiceĀ & JEDI Year of Purpose

As we prepare to honor and reflect upon Martin Luther King’s activism and legacy this month for MLK Day, we want to share some resources and information about our school.  Below is a link to service opportunities in the greater Philadelphia area.  Click the link below to find an organization you and your family may connect with on Monday, January 18.  We also want to share a bit of important MPFS history and how we work year round to engage our students in conversations about justice, equity, and inclusivity... 

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