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Lower School

In the lower school years, children search, question and respond to the world around them, while working hard to acquire essential skills for future academic success.

In a school day balancing independent exploration with intentional and coordinated instruction in all subjects, there is sequential skill building and time allowed for depth in practice and genuine understanding. Homeroom teachers, teaching language arts, math and social studies, and specialists in Spanish, science, computer, music, library, art and physical education, meet students where they are and challenge them to move forward. 

The curriculum builds across grades in each subject, and time is afforded for children to delve deeply into concepts, rather than skim the surface. Likewise, learning is connected. Practicing research skills learned in language arts, students might complete reports on diseases in science; having learned to employ wiki’s in computer, students may create a Renaissance-wiki in social studies; utilizing Spanish vocabulary, children might author English-Spanish informational texts in group guidance to share with local Latino immigrant children.

Children progress from learning to read, to reading to learn; from telling stories with pictures, to creating images through their writing; from counting and comparing numbers, to articulating multiple ways to solve complex mathematical problems and explaining why we know and do what we know and do in math; from recognizing and respecting alternative perspectives within their own class, to discovering that they are members of a global community whose voices count.
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