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Middle School

At the core of our middle school program is a commitment to solid academics acquired in a respectful community.

Enthusiastic teachers create opportunities for learning that match the natures of middle schoolers: energetic, excited, engaged in the culture of the time, wanting to have an impact, to be known and understood. Providing students with “windows and mirrors”, teachers construct an environment that is safe, a place to take risks and learn about self and others through shared experiences, and where there is time for adolescent issues, individual struggles and community building. 

In humanities, texts drawn from across ages, cultures and genres expose students to different perspectives, providing opportunities to think critically and respond using persuasive, creative, expository, narrative, expressive styles of writing, as well as oral presentations. Math coursework develops logic and problem-solving skills, increases students’ capacities for abstraction, and equips them for high school Algebra I or Geometry and with tools to apply mathematical thinking to life. Ecology, Chemistry, Biology and Physics curriculum develops methodical thinking and analytic abilities while exposing students to the basics of lab science.

Students can excel outside the classroom as well. They discover new worlds via our technology lab, performance stage, art and music studios; become leaders by teaching conflict resolution in lower school and through partcipation in Junior Model UN; and learn cooperation through team sports like soccer, basketball and tennis. The 8th grade trip to Costa Rica is a capstone experience integrating, art, science, social studies and Spanish in the culture of another locale. MPFS graduates move on to selective secondary schools thoroughly prepared, confident in both their skills and in themselves.
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