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A child's first experience with school sets the tone for his or her feelings about learning.

Within a secure, nurturing environment, MPFS preschool and specialist teachers engage children's natural curiosity, helping to buildtheir confidence as they discover the world and find joy in learning. Association with a larger learning institution affords daily opportunities to interact with older students and adults who are role models/mentors and true friends. Being known within a strong, supportive community empowers these youngest students to take risks in their learning, to grow in independence, and joyfully embrace their own individuality.

MPFS' preschool is a sequential two-year program for three to five year-olds which encompasses academic, social, emotional and physical development, and provides a bridge to rigorous lower school classes. In a school day balanced between learning through thoughtfully structured multi-sensory lessons and free play, our child-centered curriculum provides a strong foundation in basic skills in literacy, math, self-care, art,
science, physical education, Spanish, music and social studies,
including conflict resolution and community building.
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