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8th Grade Costa Rica Blog: Day 4

Posted On: 5/1/2018 3:02 PM

Back at it again with another Costa Rica blog post! Let me tell you about the day. For breakfast the options were eggs, rice and beans, bread or toast, pineapple, plantains, papaya, orange juice, and water. After that, we had free time or for journaling. After journaling, we went to the Monteverde Friends Meeting. We all learned some interesting stories. For example, one woman who was an original Quaker settler in Costa Rica shared about her daughter who lived for eight hours and was buried in what is now the cemetery there. Afterwards, we all had lunch. For lunch, we had sandwiches, cookies, watermelon, and a juice box. --Austin

After lunch, we played soccer with a couple cool kids from the meeting. One of them was our tour guide's kid. We had great fun and were able to play for a good amount of time. After lunch, we went to a small and humble coffee plantation. We saw from start to finish how coffee was made, and it gave us a really nice sense of appreciation for the way fruit and coffee are cultivated. We learned the struggles of farming and what the benefits are to growing organic products. After the plantation, we went to a house about five minutes up the hill to a nice lady who showed us how to make tortillas. They tasted good, and we all left with satisfied taste buds. Later we took a trip up to a tilapia farm and learned how to catch fish with a net. After we caught our fish, we ate them. It was really cool because we got play soccer before and after dinner. Overall the day was fun, and everyone learned something new. --Nick


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