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8th Grade Costa Rica Blog: Day 5

Posted On: 5/1/2018 3:07 PM

Hello people reading this, its Tommi here back at it again with another blog post!

So today we started off the day with breakfast at the hotel restaurant. After breakfast, we went to the local dairy farm that was first established by Quakeres in 1915. At the dairy farm, we bought ice cream, which was very good. After we ate the ice cream, we went to a less fortunate public elementary school to help out. The elementary school went from first to sixth grade and there were seven students total. When we first got to the school, we got to know the kids. When the kids returned to their school work, we helped paint a wall that was in need of a paint job. Once we finished with the painting, we got the opportunity to have recess with the kids. We played games like tag, hide and seek, etc. Once we were done with recess, we gave the students the school supplies that we had brought for them which they really appreciated. We then took a three hour bus ride to Guanacaste, where we checked into our new hotel. Right when we checked into our hotel, we had to rush and put swim suits on because we had to leave to go swimming in the hot springs. The hot springs are basically a lot of pools located at the base of a volcano that are warmed by the volcano's heat. After we got back from the hot springs, we had dinner at the hotel restaurant and got in bed to go to sleep because we were exhausted. I think it was a pretty good day!


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