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8th Grade Costa Rica Blog: Day 6

Posted On: 5/1/2018 3:10 PM

Hey, guys! It's Sean blogging all the way from Costa Rica! What a wonderful trip this has been and I'm honored to be able to close out this blog on the final day. Today was probably the best way to end the trip in so many ways.

The day started with Austin and I waking up at 5:45 in the morning (although we didn't get out of bed until 6). We got ready for breakfast at 6:30 and had some gallo pinto for the millionth time this trip (although I'm not complaining). After breakfast, we got on to the bus to go to Rincon de la Vieja National Park. On our way to the park, our bus driver, Jorge, pretended that the bus broke down and said we had to push the bus. We all had a good laugh when he told us it was a joke. Now, back to the park. Something that makes this park different is that it is situated on an active volcano! We saw many craters full of a mixture of boiling mud and sulfur (it smelled quite a lot). After 5 or so craters came a very beautiful waterfall. I even hiked off the path to get there and T. Christy took a photo of me right by the waterfall. After we hiked away from the waterfall, T. Lisa heard from someone that there was a tapir on the path up ahead. Sure enough, the tapir was there and we were able to get many pictures of it. It's pretty rare to see both a quetzal and tapir in the same week. After we got back from the park trail, we stopped in Liberia (the city, not the country) for lunch. After that, we went to the shore and checked into our beach-side hotel. After we got our bathing suits on, we hung out at the beach for about 3 hours (yes dad, I used sunscreen). The view of the pacific ocean was amazing and the water was clear enough to see the bottom! After washing the ocean off of all of us, we went out to watch the sunset, took pictures, and reflected on the great trip. We then went to dinner at a seafood restaurant. It was a very fresh meal because everything was caught from a quarter mile away.

This trip has been nothing but memorable experience after memorable experience and I wish I could have stayed longer. Everyone in Costa Rica was very friendly and treated us like family. I'd like to give shout-outs to some people who made this trip even better.

My first shout out goes out to Axel. Axel was a kid who went to the Turin School near Monteverde (if you see Tommi's post, he's the kid wearing my hat). He was very kind and energetic and had similar interests as me. Also, before we all left, he gave me a colored picture of a bird signed "de Axel para Shoon".

My second shout out goes out to Jorge, our bus driver. He was very comical, and seemed to truly enjoy our company. He also had the rare ability to mimic the sound of a Howler Monkey to perfection.

My third and final shout out goes out to Sarah, our tour guide. I'm not going to lie, I was a little skeptical about the whole tour company switch, but having a personalized trip was better than anything that a big name tour company could offer. She was very knowledgeable about the history of Costa Rica and her little mini lessons on the bus made for less boring ride.

So, to any future 8th graders or parents/teachers of the school. This trip has been a once in a lifetime experience and I couldn't imagine doing it without my friends. Everyone in our class was supportive and we made if we could make it through a week in a foreign country together, we could do anything. So as we sign off, we say goodbye to this chapter in our lives, and on to the next, and as Arnold Schwarzenegger would say it: I'll be back!


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