Faculty & Directory

MPFS faculty is comprised of exceptional professionals who bring commitment, individual talents and a broad range of life experiences, as well as teaching expertise to the classroom.

Most have advanced degrees in their specialties. They share a passion for education and a commitment to our philosophy of education which blends traditional and progressive methods and infuses academics with values.

MPFS teachers:

  • create original curriculum specifically for their students
  • differentiate instruction to provide opportunities for various learning styles
  • implement pedagogies that represent best practices in teaching
  • are dedicated to ongoing professional development
Group photo of the MPFS faculty and staff outside in the courtyard.
100% of staff are fully vaccinated against Covid-19
  • collaborate through interdisciplinary and team teaching
  • model habits for life-long learning
  • work in partnership with parents
  • employ standards grounded in research on the brain and learning to assess students