Philosophy of Education

MPFS is dedicated to creating a community of life-long learners who grow in a nurturing environment filled with both academic vigor and rich opportunities for character development. We embrace diversity, in all its forms, challenging students to develop respect for all communities while cultivating their social, creative, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical aspects.

We emphasize the Quaker belief that there is "that of God" in every individual and are deeply committed to nurturing the Light and potential within each child. We support children who learn within a range of differences in style and strengths, working from mastery of basic skills to higher order thinking, encouraging individual responsibility and critical thinking throughout the learning process.

The philosophy is manifested in many ways:

  • While our teaching styles incorporate both teacher-directed and hands-on learning, modeling and teaching through example are at the core of our pedagogy, research-based, innovative, creative, and collaborative approaches to instruction and learning guide our work.
  • Independent thinking, resilience, and self-reliance are intentionally fostered in a safe and caring environment where students exercise choice, build confidence, discover more about themselves through reflection, take risk in learning, sustain their curiosities, and explore and consider lessons.
  • We appreciate our students' varied backgrounds and strongly believe that each student should feel included and respected. Teaching at MPFS reflects a respect for a variety of learning styles, and differentiation of lessons is common practice.
  • We strive to stimulate creative inquiry and critical judgment, while fostering an appreciation of the balance between individual achievements and the growth of others in the classroom. We cultivate respectful interaction within the classroom and broader community.
  • In addition to preparing students for future success, it is our hope that they will leave MPFS with a commitment to improving the lives of others and the world at large.