Mission & Values

Our Mission Statement
Media-Providence Friends School, a Quaker day school offering PreK through middle school, is a learning community, rich in diversity, where academic challenge is combined with the teaching of values that flow from the Quaker conviction that there is “that of God” in each person. Our intimate classes encourage individuality to be celebrated and intellectual growth and curiosity to be nurtured. Community involvement and service-learning play integral parts in school programming, cultivating responsibility within students and connecting them with the larger world.

Core Values
The fundamental belief that there is "good" in each person forms the basis for the values Friends embrace: Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality and Service. These values infuse curriculum in every grade and subject, and explicit instruction in their meaning and application occurs in Quakerism and Guidance classes.

Simplicity: Friends aim to exercise moderation where material possessions and use of Earth’s resources are concerned.
Peace: Quakers seek to eliminate conflicts that lead to violence and war.
Integrity: Friends are expected to be truthful in all interactions.
Community: Respect for every individual compels Friends to foster open, mutually caring and enriching relationships.
Equality: Friends believe that all people are created equal, regardless of race, gender, faith, age or class.
Service: Quakers practice their faith through active engagement to affect positive change in the world.

Service Learning
Our belief that our students are preparing for morally-based, global citizenship impels us to utilize the world around us, so they learn that there's a larger community of which they are a part, that they can participate in it helpfully, and that they can influence the lives of others in powerful, positive ways. At all ages and in every class, our students engage with local, regional and global organizations in service learning initiatives that share the following characteristics:

  • they are meaningful to the participants
  • they promote cooperation
  • they provide opportunities to utilize context-specific problem-solving
  • they promote profound learning
  • they support social, emotional and cognitive development
  • they enable us to live our mission and Friends ideals