MPFS’ foreign language program develops student appreciation for Spanish cultures and competency in comprehending, speaking and writing in Spanish through immersion-based instruction by native-speaking faculty.

Spanish is taught in all grades beginning in Pre-School 3 through Grade 8.  The curriculum revolves around thematic units that reflect students’ real-life interests and daily experiences for each age level.  Students in Pre-K through Grade 5 receive Spanish instruction twice a week.  Students in Grades 6 – 8 take Spanish 4 days a week. 

Instruction at all levels includes plenty of visuals and hands-on activities.  Concepts are connected so that the learning of the language is sequential.  Within small classes, students have many opportunities to participate.  This frequent reinforcement further boosts understanding and retention.

Instruction at each level is developmentally appropriate.  In the pre-primary grades, students learn Spanish through songs and play.  In grades 1 and 2 students continue to build their Spanish vocabulary and skills.  By the times students reach grade 3, they have started to speak in sentences.  The TPRS (Total Physical Response with Storytelling) method is introduced in grade 3.   Students learn to retell short, simple stories and to create their own stories.  TPRS, along with other lively and interactive activities, continue throughout grades 4 and 5.

 A Spanish textbook is used in grades 6 – 8 and the formal study of grammar begins.  By the end of grade 8, students will have completed 1 – 2 years of high school Spanish.  Many of our graduates place in Honors 2 or Spanish 3 in their new high school.

A core component of the Spanish curriculum in grades Pre-K 3 – grade 8 is the study of Hispanic culture.  Students learn about the diverse traditions, history and geography of Spain and Latin America.  They are exposed to Hispanic art, literature and food.  Field trips to art museums, performing arts venues and restaurants help to expand their cultural appreciation of these countries.