Service Learning

Service Learning at MPFS combines our commitment to school, local, and far-reaching service with our mission to provide students with the deep understanding and practical skills to address real-world problems toward social justice and change. Our belief that our students are preparing for morally based, global citizenship impels us to utilize the world around us, so they learn that there's a larger community of which they are a part, that they can participate in it helpfully, and that they can influence the lives of others in powerful, positive ways.

At all ages and in every class, our students engage in learning through service and service through action. We conduct age-appropriate service learning via self-contained campus initiatives and in partnership with local, regional, and worldwide organizations. Parents and other community members often lend their support. These endeavors share the following characteristics:

  • they are meaningful to the participants
  • they promote cooperation
  • they provide opportunities to utilize context-specific problem-solving
  • they promote profound learning
  • they support social, emotional and cognitive development
  • they enable us to live our mission and Friends ideals

Teachers guide active projects and reflections, working to integrate them into curriculum. Students participate in recycling, food drive, clothing drive, and Fair Trade initiatives, among many others. Through Service Learning, students gain a sense of responsibility for one another, their community, and their world, along with self-worth, compassion, and empowerment. At MPFS, values are taught, lived, and carried forward by students who continue to demonstrate effective, integrity-filled action personally and professionally.