Media-Providence Friends School prepares students for lifelong learning and achievement.

We believe technology is integral to this process, providing a vital means for teaching and modeling the effective research, critical thinking, problem-solving, collaborative learning and communication skills that are crucial for success in the 21st century. 

Lower School teachers use technology (computers, SmartBoards, electronic media and utilities, videography, etc.) to bring depth and breadth to curriculum, helping students learn to synthesize concepts, acquire and manipulate data, creatively express ideas and construct knowledge. In Middle School, these platforms are further supplemented by our one-to-one tablet program: 6th, 7th and 8th graders are outfitted with their own iPad so that teachers can employ up-to-date, interactive academic resources for teaching and learning in every classroom in real time. 

Formal technology instruction with our Computer specialist in the computer lab commences in 2nd grade and aims to:

  • develop students’ abilities to make good choices when using technology and to use it in safe and appropriate ways, especially with respect to online communication technologies
  • advance students’ general knowledge of technology, how it works, and its place in our lives
  • expand students’ understanding of core applications and utilities (word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, publishing, database, graphics, programming, videography, search engines, blogs, wikis and other social media tools, etc.) and develop their ability to use them effectively
  • build students’ abilities to apply technology adeptly as a critical thinking and problem solving tool in order to enhance their academic achievement in all subjects