MPFS seeks to admit students who are academically qualified and developmentally ready for our program, and whose families appreciate the values and challenge a small Friends school offers.

Virtual Admissions Center

We have instituted a new application process to provide our prospective families with a virtual and interactive alternative to our Admissions process. Please read below and contact Director of Admissions & Program Angela DiMaria with any questions. We encourage you to RSVP to our Virtual Admissions Open House!

Visiting Campus:

Admissions Next Steps:

  1. Fill out an Application.
  2. Quick call with the Director of Admissions to answer all pressing questions and review the admissions process. 
  3. Parent Interview (30-45 min) Zoom call with all legal guardians.
  4. Referrals and Records Email the links below to current teachers and registrar of your child’s current school.  

5. Educational, Psychological, and Developmental Testing (including speech and hearing testing): Email copies of all documentation directly to

6. Student Visit: In lieu of on campus student visits, our admissions office is scheduling conference and Zoom calls with current teachers and will reach out on a case-by-case basis to schedule.
7. Decision of Admission: After parents have met with the Director of Admissions, submitted the Application and fee, teacher referrals and copies of records and testing have been received, and the prospective student has visited, an admissions decision will be made by the Director of Admissions in consultation with the Head of School and appropriate teachers. School records, testing, assessments, screening, observation and referrals will be reviewed in the process of making an admissions decision. Admission decisions are made on a rolling basis.

In accordance with its mission, MPFS wants to make sure it is able to meet the needs of each student it accepts. There may be times when, in the course of the admissions process, MPFS determines a student has difficulties with behavior, emotional stability, or learning differences beyond the scope of MPFS’ capabilities. In those situations, MPFS will make a good faith effort to identify educational settings that might better meet the needs of the child and provide families with referrals.

8. Enrollment: An executed enrollment agreement and non-refundable deposit are required to finalize student registration. The non-refundable deposit is $800. Current families must submit their completed enrollment agreement by February 19th, 2020 to guarantee their child’s place. Parents of new students must submit the enrollment agreement and deposit by the date specified on their child’s acceptance letter.