MPFS seeks to admit students who are academically qualified and developmentally ready for our program, and whose families appreciate the values and challenge a small Friends school offers.

We welcome inquires and applications at any time during the year, but recommend that families begin the application process in the Fall prior to the year of intended enrollment. Preference is given to qualified siblings, children of alumni and Quaker families.

Step 1: Parent Visit
We find it best if parents come on their own for an initial visit as it may be easier to ask questions about our program, talk about your goals for your child, discuss finances and tour the school. Visits last about 1 hour and include an introduction to the school's philosophy, a personalized campus tour to see teachers and students in their classrooms, as well as time for questions.

Step 2: Applying
Families of applicants at all grade levels should complete the following steps:

  1. Call the Admissions Office at 610.565.1960 x104 to schedule an individual appointment to visit.
  2. Complete and submit the online Application Form along with the non-refundable $60 application fee.
  3. Have two current teachers complete and submit the relevant Teacher Referral Form (PreK-1st, 2nd-5th or 6th-8th). Applicants who have different teachers for Language Arts and Math should give one referral form to each of these teachers. All Teacher Referral Forms must be signed by both parents prior to completion by the teachers.
  4. Sign and submit the Records Request Form to your child’s current school.
  5. Send copies of all educational, psychological and developmental testing, including speech and hearing testing.
  6. Please note our age guidelines: PreK-3 applicants must turn 3 years old before September 1 of their PreK-3 year; PreK-4 applicants must turn 4 years old before September 1 of their PreK-4 year; Kindergarten applicants must turn 5 years old before September 1 of their Kindergarten year.

Step 3: Student Visit
After parents meet with the Director of Admissions and submit an application, a student visit will be scheduled. Prospective students visit with their current grade level.

  • PreK-3 applicants will visit for 1 ½ hours accompanied by one parent
  • PreK-4 applicants will visit for 2 hours
  • Kindergarten applicants will visit for a half or full day
  • 1st grade through 2nd grade applicants will visit for one full day
  • 3rd grade through 7th grade applicants will visit for two consecutive days

Step 4: Testing

  • PreK-3 and PreK-4 applicants are informally evaluated during their visit
  • Kindergarten and 1st grade applicants, in addition to an informal evaluation by host teachers, are given a basic skills screening by the Director of Admissions during their visit
  • 2nd - 7th grade applicants are given math, reading and writing assessments during their visit

If your child has had any educational or developmental testing, copies should be submitted along with the child’s application. Additional outside educational or psychological testing, such as the WPPSI-III or the WISC-IV, may be requested on an individual basis.

Step 5: Decision of Admission
After parents have met with the Director of Admissions, submitted the Application and fee, teacher referrals and copies of records and testing have been received, and the prospective student has visited, an admissions decision will be made by the Director of Admissions and Head of School in consultation with the appropriate teachers. School records, testing, assessments, screening, observation and referrals will be reviewed in the process of making an admissions decision. Admission decisions on PreK through 5th grade applicants are made on a rolling basis. Decisions on 6th and 7th grade applicants are made in January. Subsequently, as space is available, decisions are made on a rolling basis.

Step 6: Enrollment
An executed enrollment agreement and non-refundable deposit are required to finalize student registration. For the 2019-20 School Year, the non-refundable deposit is $800. Current families must submit their completed enrollment agreement by February 20, 2019 to guarantee their child’s place. Parents of new students must submit the enrollment agreement and deposit by the date specified on their child’s acceptance letter.