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Exercising Choice & Taking Healthy Risks at MPFS

Philosophy of Education

MPFS is dedicated to creating a community of lifelong learners who grow in a nurturing environment filled with both academic vigor and rich opportunities for character development. We embrace diversity, all its forms, challenging students to develop respect for all communities while cultivating their social, creative, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical aspects. 

We emphasize the Quaker belief that there is "that of God" in every individual and are deeply committed to nurturing the Light and potential within each child. We support children who learn within a range of differences in style and strengths, working from mastery of basic skills to higher order thinking, encouraging individual responsibility and critical thinking throughout the learning process.

The philosophy is manifested in many ways:

  • While our teaching styles incorporate both teacher-directed and hands-on learning, modeling and teaching through example are at the core of our pedagogy. Research-based, innovative, creative, and collaborative approaches to instruction and learning guide our work.
  • Independent thinking, resilience, and self-reliance are intentionally fostered in a safe and caring environment where students exercise choice, build confidence, discover more about themselves through reflection, take risk in learning, sustain their curiosities, and explore and consider lessons.
  • We appreciate our students' varied backgrounds and strongly believe that each student should feel included and respected. Teaching at MPFS reflects a respect for a variety of learning styles, and differentiation of lessons is common practice.
  • We strive to stimulate creative inquiry and critical judgment, while fostering an appreciation of the balance between individual achievements and the growth of others in the classroom. We cultivate respectful interaction within the classroom and broader community.
  • In addition to preparing students for future success, it is our hope that they will leave MPFS with a commitment to improving the lives of others and the world at large.

To help support a Quaker education at MPFS where independent thinking is nurtured in a diverse environment and creativity and critical thinking are intentionally taught to all students, please visit the link here.

Exercising Choice & Taking Healthy Risks at MPFS

MPFS is dedicated to creating a community of lifelong learners who grow in a nurturing environment filled with both academic vigor and rich opportunities for character development...

Problem Solving Skills at MPFS

By becoming aware of their strengths and areas of growth and through small class sizes, student-teacher conferencing, sessions focused on study skills, and more students are empowered to tackle new material...

5 Days 150 People Infinite Possibilities: Thinking Critically at MPFS

Critical thinking might simply be defined as bringing every asset to bear on a problem when making a decision. When people use all aspects of themselves – intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical – in thinking about a problem, the focus is powerful. Thinking critically means comparing, contrasting, projecting outcomes, checking reality and research... 

Our New Website Is Here!

We are please to announce the launch of our new website with Finalsite! Though the design may look familiar, updates and enhancements to functionality across the site will make it easier for students and parents to navigate to all the important MPFS information they need.

Well-balanced Words of Wisdom From Our STEAM Speaker
In conjunction with our yearlong STEAM theme, Windows Into Health: Finding a Healthy Balance, clinical dietitian Megan Robinson spoke to all of our students about balanced eating during Monday’s Meeting for Assembly (MFA)...
In-School Service Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
The MPFS community participated in activities focused around service, equality, and kindness in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and in conjunction with our yearlong STEAM theme of Windows Into Health: Finding a Healthy Balance…
Tax Reform Bill: How You Can Help MPFS
No doubt you have heard and read about the final tax reform bill due to come before Congress for a vote, likely as early as next week. This bill has significant implications for MPFS, our students, our families, and our faculty...

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