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STEAM Week 2023: Renewable Resources

Students age three through grade eight participated in this year’s STEAM Week focused on Renewable Energy. Topics studied included how energy is created, renewable resources as an important part of solving the climate crisis, ways to upcycle items to reduce waste, and how to build simple machines such as windmills, solar ovens, and even solar toy cars! 

Watch now: A TRAVERSE THROUGH TIME, Fifth Grade movie a huge success!

The aptly named movie A Traverse Through Time, created and filmed by the MPFS Fifth Grade class, was a huge success. Students and families alike were transported back in time, and then launched by rocketship into the future! With a 17-minute runtime, the film both captures a comprehensive summary of the thematic learning Grade 5 acquired throughout Trimester 2 and also adequately reflects the creative minds and hard work of the students...