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MPFS preschool students of different races smiling behind their face masks, seated on a colorful rug in their classroom,

Many of you are getting your children vaccinated, and while we are not mandating the vaccine, we do encourage you to speak with your children's physician as part of the process for making that decision...

MPFS elementary school student holding a number 2 pencil, raises her hand to answer a question in the library. 

Yesterday the CDC advisory panel voted 14-0 to approve the use of the Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine for 5-11-year-old children. This was the final step in the process after the FDA granted the same Emergency Authorization use that was given to the vaccine for those 12 and up...

Get to Know Your Grad, Samantha: Countdown to the Class of 2021 Graduation!

What do you think is the most important lesson you’ve learned at MPFS?
The community. Being together as a group and teamwork. I feel like it's something we really push here and I feel like I've learned to be more of the group and not by yourself all the time. Especially now, during COVID, when you don't get that opportunity all the time. So, I really like to take advantage of that.

Get to Know Your Grad, Kayla: Countdown to the Class of 2021 Graduation!

What interests have been sparked during your time at MPFS?
I don't think I’ve tried anything new. I'd say things that I started went further here. Especially with my academics. That's the reason I came here to further my academics and I think that happened. I remember when I first started here in 5th grade, we used the Van Der Graaf generator which was really fun. It's a lot of hands-on science labs and experiments here, which has really interested me in science. 

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