Peer Facilitators

MPFS Service Learning Project 

A Leadership Program for Middle School and Older Elementary Students 

What is this leadership program? 

This training is part of our MPFS Social Emotional curriculum. The program helps students take a more active role in the learning and helping process, becoming more effective with each other. They will build a positive learning community for themselves and all who learn here. Students will become more effective communicators, skilled problem solvers, and efficient decision makers assuming more responsibility for their actions. 

What is a peer facilitator? 

This is a student who uses helping skills to assist other students, adults, and themselves to think about ideas and feelings, to explore alternatives to situations, and to make responsible decisions. They are students who listen with care, and are able to give appropriate feedback and encouragement to others. These students promote personal and academic growth through positive relationships. 


Group of peer facilitators of different races standing in the library with Teacher Laura and Head of School Teacher Jon


Our Mission

We awaken the passion and potential of all individuals within a welcoming, diverse community led by Quaker values.

Who supervises this program? 

Teacher Laura Taylor, MPFS School Counselor, and Teacher Jen Cohen, MPFS Middle School Math Teacher, are the Peer Facilitator Trainers for the four sessions. They will continue to guide the students in using the skills throughout the school year. The Afterschool Program staff will allow Peer Facilitators who attend the Afterschool Program to be facilitators when it is needed. Recess and classroom teachers will know who received training and will guide those students who offer to help others at varying times during the day. 

What is expected of the students during and after the training sessions? 

Students are expected to attend all four of the training sessions.. Students will receive their own personal materials to use and keep.They are expected to read chapters and complete engaging exercises between sessions. Once the sessions are completed, students will receive a certificate, and recognition that they are Peer Facilitators at MPFS. Peer Facilitators meet once per month throughout the year to maintain their leadership skills.. They will serve as role models, kind friends to those who need assistance, friendly greeters to children visiting or new to our school, helpers and conflict managers at recess and in our Extended Day program. 

If you have any questions please contact Laura Taylor.

For students who have already received the training, there will be a refresher course for those wanting to be active in the project this year. We will plan that for September. All year long, we will meet monthly, with the students who are trained this fall, to learn more skills and to share when and where we were able to use Peer Facilitating.