Reopening Plan for Fall 2020

Plan for Safely Reopening School, Fall 2020

We believe, as do many pediatric experts, that being around friends, having social contact, and
engaging in person (in short, being a part of a community) is critical for the social and emotional
health of children of all ages. We are very appreciative that in this time of uncertainty, you have
chosen to send your children to Media-Providence Friends School. This document
demonstrates our commitment to the safety of our students, your children, while also being fully
committed to engaging them in a fun and healthy learning environment.

Our Scenario Building Team has been meeting since April to consider the various ways that the
2020-2021 school year could look. We have considered everything from screening for
symptoms, to the structure of arrivals and departures, to the way in which the curriculum will be
delivered, and much, much more. All of our decisions have been guided by the latest
information from the CDC, Chester County Department of Health (Delaware County has no
Department of Health) the CHOP Policy Lab, and the PA Dept. of Education’s Preliminary
Guidance for Phased Re-opening of PreK - 12 Schools.

The following two things should be noted:
1) This plan is intended to mitigate, not eliminate, the risk of COVID-19 infection. It is
simply not possible for a school, or any place where people come together, to eliminate
the risk of transmission completely.
2) This plan is subject to change at any time at the discretion of the school as the
conditions and expectations for mitigation of COVID-19 change.

Decision Making Process for On-campus v. Distance Learning
1) If the local area remains at a low rate of transmission, and the state of PA has not closed
campuses, MPFS’ campus will remain open for the regular school days and calendar.
1a) For those families who are not comfortable sending their children back to campus
but still wish to be a part of the MPFS community and receive the excellent instruction
and guidance of our faculty, we have invested in the technology this summer to provide
these students with the ability to remain home but still be a part of every class with their
classmates (aside from PE).
2) If the state of PA has not closed school campuses, but there is a spike in transmission in
the Delaware county area, we will, with guidance from the local department of health, make a determination as to whether or not to close campus and switch to distance learning.

Expectations of our Community
As you can imagine, it is going to take the diligence and determination of the entire MPFS
community to keep the risk of COVID-19 infection as low as possible. As such, it is imperative for
all of us, faculty and staff, families and students, to fully commit to the following expectations
(which are in line with the the recommendations from our various resources):
- All employees and students must stay home if sick.
- On a daily basis, all families will complete a “symptom check” (to be provided by the
school), which will need to be signed and dated by a parent/caregiver and brought to
school by the student. Students who come to school without the Symptom Check Form
will be sent back home with the parent/caregiver, or if they have come by bus, the
parent/caregiver will be called to pick up the student.
- All employees and students must notify the Head of School if they have had exposure to
COVID-19 (student notification should come from the parent/caregiver).
- All employees and families must notify the Head of School if they or a member of their
household has tested positive for COVID-19.
- All families will pick up their children as quickly as possible if he or she shows signs of
being sick.
- All families and employees will agree to take CDC recommendations pertaining to travel
into account when making a decision on travel.
- All employees and students will wear a face covering when on campus. Reusable masks
will be cared for appropriately and disposable masks will be disposed of properly.
- Students will not bring any personal items, other than those required by the school, to
- Students will bring their own snacks and lunch daily, and will not share food, snacks or
beverages. Water bottles should be brought from home, as our refilling stations will be
accessible but our drinking fountains will not.
- No food will be provided by the school

Structure of the School Day
- Parents are now asked to drop off their students at designated drop off locations for their
children, not to walk students on campus (these locations will be provided prior to school
opening). All employees and students will be screened for a temperature upon arrival.
Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will be sent home.
- Hand sanitizer will be provided and required upon entry.
- Students or employees who are sick and are not able to leave campus immediately will
be isolated in the Head of School’s former office in the back of the main office until they
are able to leave.
- All students and employees will wear a face covering while on campus.
- Students will be asked to report to their homerooms when they arrive on campus. There
will be a rotating schedule for use of the outside space during arrival time, during which
masks must be worn.
- Throughout the school day, students will remain in their homeroom classroom (or
outside) for class and their teachers will come to them. There will be a schedule to use
the bathrooms and refill water bottles. Outside recess time will be scheduled as well.
- We are purchasing three tents, the maximum number for which we have space, to be
used for outdoor classroom space and lunch.
- Lunches and snacks will be eaten outside, weather permitting. Face coverings may be
removed when eating or drinking. Students will not be allowed to share food or
- Students will not be allowed to bring any items to school that are not required by the
school. All students in grades K-8 will have individual chromebooks so as not to share
- Because physical activity is extremely important, recess and PE will continue to happen,
but with the proper precautions to keep students apart physically and with the proper
equipment sanitation in between classes.
- There will be no sports program during the 2020-2021 school year.
- We will continue to have extended day childcare, where students will continue to wear a
mask, and practice social distancing.
- Only essential visitors will be allowed on campus, and they will be screened for a
temperature, must wear a face covering and use hand sanitizer upon entry.
- All students will be seated six feet apart in every classroom except the middle school
science lab, where plexiglass dividers will be installed on the lab tables.
- We will not have any off campus field trips until further notice.
- We will not hold any large gatherings, including Meeting for Worship. MFW will take place in the individual classrooms.

Masks and Physical Distancing
- It has been shown that face coverings are very helpful in reducing the transmission of
COVID-19. The same is true for social distancing. The best way to lower risk of
COVID-19 transmission is when these are practiced together. Therefore, in accordance
with the PA Dept of Health’s order requiring face coverings, all students, faculty and staff
must wear a face covering when on campus.
- In addition, our size is such that we are able to set up our classrooms to enable six feet
of distance between students, which is the distance recommended by the CDC to
prevent the transmission of COVID-19.
- Our hallways and stairways, exits and entrances will be one way, with the exception of
the main front door.

Cleaning and Disinfecting
- We have invested in the machines and materials necessary to not only clean but
disinfect the classrooms, bathrooms and surfaces throughout the school day.
- We have created a schedule that the custodian will follow throughout the day to disinfect
bathrooms and classrooms, and checklists will be kept in every room to be dated and
initialed when done. This entails disinfecting each classroom before students arrive and
again when a class goes outside for lunch/recess.
- In addition, faculty will assist by disinfecting high contact surfaces in their classrooms
once mid-morning and once mid afternoon using disinfecting wipes and sprays.
- Hand-washing and hand sanitizing will be emphasized throughout the day and hand
sanitizer will be provided in every classroom. Visual reminders will be placed throughout
the school.
- Classroom doors and windows will be open whenever possible

School District Transportation
- MPFS is served by many different school districts. These individual districts and bus
providers will provide their plans for safely transporting students to and from MPFS. As
with all students arriving by car or foot, students arriving by bus will be screened for a
temperature, and required to use hand sanitizer upon entry.

Showing Signs or Symptoms on Campus
Community members must stay home if they are sick. If a student or staff member
becomes sick while on campus, they will be taken to the campus isolation room where they
will be assessed for any symptoms of COVID-19 using the CDC defined symptoms of
COVID-19. Parents and/or caregivers of students will be contacted immediately,
and asked to arrange for the prompt retrieval of their child. If COVID-19 symptoms are present,
the child must be picked up in 60 minutes or less. Failure to adhere to the requirements for
picking up children with COVID-19 symptoms will result in consequences up to and including
exclusion from campus.

If a student or employee tests positive for COVID-19
1) The employee or the parent/caregiver of the student must notify the Head of School
2) The school will follow the CDC guidelines, along with guidance from the Chester County
Department of Health, for cleaning and disinfecting, and whether or not to close some or
part of the campus and if so, for how long.
3) The school will follow the CDC guidelines for contact tracing to make a determination as
to who has been exposed to the student or employee who has tested positive. All
employees and students who have been in contact with the infected student or
employee (as defined by 10 minutes of interaction less than 6 feet away) will quarantine
at home for 14 days. Students quarantining from home may participate virtually in their
classes. Anyone who develops symptoms during that time should contact their
healthcare provider to request testing and notify MPFS.
4) The individual who tests positive should remain home until all of the following are true:
- At least ten days have passed since the onset of symptoms
- Individual is fever free for three full days without the use of fever reducing
- The individual is symptom free
- The individual (employee) or individual’s parent/caregiver (student) can provide a
doctor's note stating that it is safe for that person to return to campus

If a student or employee has been exposed to someone who tests positive for COVID-19
Any employee or student who has been in contact with someone who tests positive for
COVID-19 (as defined by 10 minutes of interaction less than 6 feet away) will quarantine
at home for 14 days. Anyone who develops symptoms during that time should contact
their healthcare provider to request testing and notify MPFS.

Policy for Returning to Campus
MPFS monitors the most recent guidelines on when students and
adults can return to campus after having symptoms for COVID-19 and/or testing positive for
COVID-19. The school will follow, at a minimum, the CDC's most up-to-date guidelines for the
safe return to the school campus setting. Families and employees must work with the
school to create the schedule for re-entry to on-campus learning.