George Forsythe



Donna, George and Carole at Cornerstone
George and Carole at MPFS event
Forsythe Brothers
Cornerstone Award 2017

In remembrance of our dear friend and dedicated alumnus, George Forsythe '45, we  honor his profound impact on Media-Providence Friends School. As an alumnus, former Trustee, and cherished member of Media Monthly Meeting, George epitomized steadfast stewardship and quiet dedication.

George's commitment to MPFS permeated every aspect of our community, often materializing in tangible forms crafted with his skilled hands. From the tools and work table he generously donated to our Makerspace, to the meticulously crafted cabinet housing our iPads, George's craftsmanship and care left an indelible mark on our school.

His contributions extended beyond physical creations; George's commitment to preserving our history and nurturing our community was unparalleled. Whether maintaining our meeting room benches or ensuring our grounds were pruned to perfection, George's selfless efforts upheld the integrity and function of our school.

Despite his many accomplishments, George remained humble and unassuming, embodying the Quaker values of simplicity and service. His deep roots in the Quaker tradition, spanning generations, shaped his character and informed his unwavering dedication to MPFS.

Throughout his life, George exemplified the Quaker principles of stewardship and service. His quiet leadership and steadfast commitment enriched our school immeasurably, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Though George may no longer be with us, his spirit lives on in the fabric of our school community. We honor his memory and express our gratitude for his profound impact on MPFS.

It is with deep reverence and gratitude that we bestowed upon George Forsythe the Murry Engle Lauser Cornerstone Award in 2017, in recognition of his exemplary dedication and service to Media-Providence Friends School. When we told George we would like to honor him in this way he said,  My parents and grandparents would be very pleased to know that my brothers and I have been honored, and they deserve it more than we did.

Remarks from George upon receiving his award: As someone who has spent years in the construction field, I understand the significance of a cornerstone. Alone, it may seem insignificant, but when joined with others, it forms the foundation of a structure. In the case of MPFS, our cornerstones include Friends Meetings, Trustees, faculty and staff, parents, alumni, and donors—the mortar that binds us together. I accept this award on behalf of all these cornerstones and the stones they support, past and present, that make MPFS the extraordinary institution it is. My gratitude to each of them and to you.

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