Tim Hunt '70, Pat Hunt, Jennifer Hunt Horton '67


Our wonderful Friend, Pat Hunt, is 100 years old on Monday, December 7th. In true Pat fashion, to honor this Centenarian extraordinaire her family wishes for friends to join them and make a gift to MPFS for financial aid. 

Long an advocate for the school's dedication to creating a community of life-long learners who grow in a nurturing environment filled with both academic vigor, and rich opportunities for character development. Embracing diversity, in all its forms, challenging students to develop respect for all communities while cultivating their social, creative, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical strengths. Her support stems from her Quaker belief that there is "that of God" in every individual and that the school is deeply committed to nurturing the Light and potential within each child. 

Pat's commitment to MPFS is demonstrated by serving a full 12 year term as a Trustee as a Quaker, a parent of two MPFS graduates, sister to a beloved MPFS teacher Marian Elkinton, a Cornerstone Award recipient,  a member of the 1876 planned giving society, an avid reader of Dragon Tales, an organizer of gatherings at Kendal for MPFS, and a friend and council to many Heads of School and Directors of Development at MPFS. 

Pat believes in the MPFS creativity in learning that is so very important in a student’s day at school, and that it’s the way we should all be relating to the world. She values the loving care and respect for each child and the quality and commitment of the staff and board that are trusted to carry out the mission of the School.  Ever in tune with the world around her, in 1999 when she received the Cornerstone award, Pat commented that "Children face a challenging century ahead; the values that are learned at home, reinforced by school and religious faith, will guide them as they make the hard choices they will face.  What they do with their lives will shape our future." 

Since 1876, MPFS has endeavored to create a safe, structured school environment where children of all backgrounds can interact, learn, and grow together. Today, because of your generosity and financial aid support in honor of Pat Hunt, we can continue to educate many deserving children who would not otherwise have had the means or opportunity to attend this school.

Your gift adds another dimension to all students’ educational experience at MPFS.  It helps to make possible the diverse school tapestry that enriches and informs students’ learning and prepares them to be the difference-makers, peacemakers, and pathfinders in our world.  Thank you for your care of, commitment to, and financial support of MPFS in honor of Pat.