In Memory Of Fern Clark

A Memorial Tree – A Legacy

In Memory of Fern Clark

MPFS ‘78

Fern was in the inaugural class of 9th graders at Providence Friends School (later Media Providence Friends School) in the fall of 1974, and graduated in 1978.   Along with her siblings she attended Media Friends School and the First Day School at Providence Friends Meeting.  The Friends community lost Fern in 2019.    

Many of us remember those special years at the MPFS upper school, the close-knit community, and the strong attachment we had to the space and place of the Providence Friends Meeting building and grounds.

We invite you to contribute to a legacy gift in memory of our beloved classmate, Fern Clark. This memorial tree will create a lasting and living memorial to Fern’s memory, and honor the formative impact the school had on the students who went there.  The tree will be planted in the burial ground behind Providence Friends Meeting, on Providence Road, in Media, PA.   

To make a contribution to the Fern Clark Memorial Tree fund, please use the form below or mail in your gift to MPFS Attn: Fern Memorial.  Contributions in excess of the costs incurred in the project will be redirected to Media Providence Friends School to support financial aid for families in need.  Gifts of all amounts are very welcome.    

Thank you,

Donna Henry Moore & Lisa Richardson (MPFS class of ’78)
Teacher Donna Noonan Allen
Cynthia McGoff , Director of Development