Be a Light Advocates

How to Become an Advocate for MPFS Fund campaign

Make an impact at your school by encouraging your class families, family, and friends to support the Be a Light campaign on GiveCampus!

The first step to becoming an Advocate is to sign up for a GiveCampus user account by clicking ‘‘Sign Up’ in the top right of any page of the Be a Light campaign page:  

Advocacy is all about taking specific actions to inspire others to support a specific campaign, so just creating a GiveCampus user account won’t make someone become an Advocate-- they’ll have to do a little work for it, but don’t worry, we make it fun and easy! See below for how to and visit the advocacy dashboard on GiveCampus.

You can become a campaign Advocate by taking one or all of the following steps:

October 6th - 8th
GOAL: reach 145 donations by EOD October 8th to unlock challenge grant


  • Advocates goal: inspire more generosity by connecting donors with their peers through the GiveCampus Social Fundraising Platform
  • Content created for you to share. With email reminders each time you need to post. (2-3 times per day)

Peer-to-peer sharing
Donors are more likely to give when their friends are doing the asking.  have the power to make an impact.

Personal pleas
You can add your story of support for MPFS to the campaign with a Personal Plea video.

Matches and challenges
Advocates can take their gift even further- and inspire others to give - with a Match or Challenge donation.