Opportunities for Giving


Tuition covers approximately 81% of the actual cost of educating a child at Media-Providence Friends School, leaving the balance to be met through other revenue sources. The most significant of these is the MPFS Fund. This Fund provides essential unrestricted revenue that directly impacts daily life here at school. Specifically, donations help to fund competitive teacher salaries and benefits, professional development, need-based financial aid, computer equipment, classroom supplies, arts programs, Spanish language instruction and much more. One of the most important functions of the MPFS fund is generating unrestricted gifts, which supports areas of greatest need and responds to unexpected issues as they arise. 

The MPFS Fund is supported by a large cross section of our community: parents, teachers, grandparents, alumni, alumni parents f(F)riends of the school and more. It is also the first way that many graduates and parents express their desire to give back, and its health is both a sign of gratitude for the donors and a vote of confidence for our students and faculty.
We’re counting on you. Every gift matters. Every personally significant gift, no matter the size, demonstrates a collective commitment to MPFS. Indeed, the only gift too small is no gift at all.
The MPFS Fund is conducted during the school’s current fiscal year, running from July 1 – June 30. A pledge or gift may be made at anytime. Gifts made on or before December 31 are eligible to be claimed as a current year tax deduction.


With the help of many dedicated parents, faculty and staff, the school hosts an Annual Auction each year to raise funds and help build community. Supporters can donate items or services to be auctioned, underwrite ads in the auction program, as well as attend and participate in the auction itself.

Endowment Funds
Building a strong and growing endowment is essential to Media-Providence Friends School’s long-term financial health. Because endowment contributions remain intact in perpetuity -- only income from their investment may be utilized -- they support our mission today and into the future. MPFS’ endowment provides support for financial aid, faculty compensation and professional development, technology and facilities for generations to come.
Planned Giving
Bequests, charitable gift annuities, trusts and other planned giving arrangements are vital to the School’s work and future. In 2006 Media-Providence Friends School established the “1876 Society”, named after the year Friends was established, to recognize those in our community who have included the School in their estate plans. Comprised of past and present trustees, parents, alumni, faculty and grandparents, its members share a deep regard for the work we do here for children in their formative years.
A gift to MPFS that is a part of a thoughtful, comprehensive estate plan provides a way of completing a lifetime of giving. It may also allow you to make a significant gift to MPFS that was not possible at an earlier stage of life. Planned gifts can provide advantages such as lifetime income and tax benefits to the donor or other beneficiaries.

We would be delighted to welcome you as a member of the 1876 Society. Please let us know if you have named MPFS beneficiary of a deferred gift or if you would like more information.

The Friends Collaborative Tax Credit for Individuals

You have the ability to direct all or some of your PA state income tax liability to MPFS. Our school will, in turn, use your gift to provide critical financial aid to students in need.

You will receive a tax credit equal to 90% of your contribution to The Collaborative. In addition, you may be able to claim a federal income tax deduction. Together, these benefits make a large gift very inexpensive to make. For more information click here.

Cash Back Programs
There are many opportunities to support MPFS through various cash back vehicles. Click here to find out more. 


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