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Tax Credit Program for Individuals and Businesses

Increasing access to Friends education for more families 

Media-Providence Friends School is one of the founding members of The Friends Collaborative, a Special Purpose Entity LLC formed in 2016 to secure tax credits offered through Pennsylvania’s popular EITC and OSTC tax credit programs.

The EITC and OSTC programs were previously only open to corporate donors, but with the formation of organizations like The Collaborative, qualified individuals now have the opportunity to receive tax credits while supporting schools like MPFS.

The purpose of The Collaborative is to foster the growth of Quaker Education by providing funding that makes a Quaker education accessible for more families. The Collaborative is comprised of Quaker schools across PA and the Friends Council on Education. We have grown to support children at 22 Friends schools across PA with over $11.6 million in financial aid. See our 2022-23 impact report.

This program is crucial to the MPFS financial aid program. Thanks to the partnership with other Friends schools through The Friends Collaborative, MPFS has received $1,463,820 for financial aid since the program began!

Click the link below for a short video on how the program works.

Impact Report