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$3 Million Tax Credits

BREAKING NEWS: Tax credits available NOW for 2018-2020!
You may be able to direct your PA taxes to benefit students with financial need at MPFS, by participating in the individual version of PA's popular tax credit programs. Deadlines coming up within weeks!

MPFS is one of 19 member schools in the Friends Education Equity Collaborative, a Special Purpose Entity formed to be able to receive contributions from, and provide tax credits to, qualified individuals. This can make a large gift very inexpensive to make, as 90% of the contribution is returned to you in a dollar-for-dollar reduction of taxes.

The Friends Collaborative has just received notice of an additional $3M in new tax credit allocations from the state, and now has a very short window of time to allocate these credits to donors from individual member schools, including MPFS.  MPFS can capture a meaningful share of these tax credits if we have enough donors to participate with us.

All funds are earmarked for tuition assistance for families with financial need. This makes a huge impact on our ability to meet financial need for MPFS families!

Tax Benefits for You, Financial Aid for MPFS 

You may qualify to participate if you meet the following criteria:

Annual Income or Net Worth: One individual or spouse has an annual personal income of at least $200K, or the combined income of both spouses is at least $300K. Alternately, you have a net worth greater than $1M, exclusive of the value of your primary residence.


PA Tax Liability: You have at least $3,000 in PA tax liability annually.

See a full list of qualification requirements and a description of how this program works at

We'll help you with the details

Contact Cynthia McGoff in the Development Office at 610-565-1960, ext. 106, as soon as possible to discuss your participation. 

Or, you or your accountant may contact the Collaborative organizers directly: 

Jeff Markovitz: 267-872-9721,
John Gilliland: 484-919-0282,
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