Step by Step

For the Donor:

Tax Credit Donor Participant Guide Membership Information: Eligible donors must have a share, partnership or be an employee of a for-profit business in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and be subject to Pennsylvania taxes to participate in the Friends Collaborative.

How To Join: If tax credits become available and you meet the donor eligibility requirements, your next step is to complete a joinder agreement for a two-year donor commitment. A 90% refund will be issued to you for each tax year. Contribution due dates for Year One and Year Two are listed in the joinder.

Important Note: Contributions are due several months before refunds are processed by the PA Department of Revenue. Donors have always received the credits due, but delays in processing returns are possible. Donors who depend on their annual tax refund, might consider if this form of giving is best for their tax situation.

Paperwork Instructions:

1. Review the operating agreement.

2. Complete the following pages of the joinder, paying special attention to these sections:

□ Page A-4
i. In cases where both spouses are members, pay close attention to the Member 1 and Member 2 Contribution % in Sections 1 and 2, and assign an allocation that is proportional to the PA tax liability generated by each member. Please consult with your tax professional if you have questions about your specific tax situation.
ii. Fill in both boxes for Sections 4A and 4B (same contribution amount each year)

□ Page A-5 - indicate how you would like to be publicly recognized for your gift by your school(s) and the Collaborative, and which member school(s) you are supporting

□ Page C-1 – Member’s Affidavit (this form will be completed yearly)

3. Make your check payable to the name of the LLC listed in the joinder.

4. Mail or deliver the original documents and check to your school’s development office*. 

125 W. Third Street
Media, PA 19063
Attn: Development Office

You Will Receive:

1. A scanned copy of the fully executed joinder, along with an investment acknowledgment letter, by email approx. 3-4 months after the State receives the donation.

2. A K-1 form by email no earlier than March 15 of the year to which your contribution pertains. You will use this form when preparing your taxes.

Your Participation Makes Quaker Education Obtainable for Families Throughout Pennsylvania. Thank You for Your Support of the Friends Collaborative.

For More Information:
Contact your school’s development director - see links on

Contact one of the co-clerks of the Friends Collaborative:
John Gilliland,
Jeff Markovitz,

*or if we are too close to the deadline and you've scanned a copy for MPFS then send directly to:
FedEx/UPS or Hand Deliver to: The Friends Collaborative c/o ABS 7157 Camp Hill Road Fort Washington PA 19034