Step by Step

For the Donor:

  1. Complete the joinder provided.
    a.      Fill out A-4. Pay close attention to the contribution allocation for individual participation, and assign an allocation that is proportional to the specific liability generated by each member. Please consult your tax professional if you have questions about what is best for your specific tax situation.
    b.      Fill out page A-5 and kindly designate MPFS.
    c.       Fill out page B-3 exhibit C-1 in full.

  2. Write a check
    1. Check must be made out to the entity listed on the joinder
  3. Scan or take a photo with your phone
    1. This step is optional. But if possible please email an image of the joinder and check to your contact person. Their email address is:
  4. Mail or deliver the signed original joinder and check to: 

MPFS 125 W. Third Street Media, PA 19063 Attn: Cynthia McGoff.

or if you've scanned a copy for MPFS then send directly to:
USMail: The Friends Collaborative PO Box 254 Oreland, Pennsylvania 19075
FedEx/UPS or Hand Deliver to: The Friends Collaborative c/o ABS 7157 Camp Hill Road Fort Washington PA 19034

You are done! Thank you for your gift!