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Long before 1954, when the Supreme Court decided Brown vs. Board of Education, MPFS enrolled its first student of color, the preschool aged son of the McKnight family. "The school met with its most serious financial crisis, not from the Depression but from the admission of its first Negro student in 1937" (A Century of Love and Learning). Despite being a Quaker institution, and living by the Quaker Testimonies: Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, and Stewardship (SPICES), a number of families protested and chose to leave the school. MPFS lost about 30% of its enrollment and, yet, did not waver in its decision. The Board and faculty stood firm. This decision directly informed the type of school MPFS would grow to become today: a learning community that not only teaches tolerance, but is committed to evolving our understanding of race and racism to best serve our community.     

MPFS is focusing on the pursuit of growing our racial literacy and positive racial identities, for our students, faculty, and families. Diversity is our super power, and as Katherine W. Phillps (Paul Calello Professor of Leadership and ethics and senior vice dean at Columbia Business School) writes in her 2014 (republished in 2020) for Scientific American, "Diversity enhances creativity.  It encourages the search for novel information and perspectives, learning to better decision making and problem solving." 

MPFS pledges to be an example to our community that racial literacy and teaching social justice issues are not simply one-off lessons to be completed each year. In the same way that Friends education infuses the SPICES across subjects, our work with JEDI is a journey of learning and discovery that must be fostered throughout the curriculum. 

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