JEDI funding pledge form

Funding to support the diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) work of our  Media-Providence Friends School's Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity (JEDI) task force. We have a full list of activities, projects, professional development and programs with which we need funding assistance.  Thank you for pledging to help! 

1) Black Lives Matter Year of Action: The JEDI Task force will take on the planning, organizing, and implementing of a Black Lives Matter-Year of Action (BLM-YOA).  BLM is a nationwide initiative that started a few years ago to organize for racial justice in education. Traditionally, a week of action, the JEDI Task force sees this work as deeply embedded in all that we do at MPFS, regardless of the time of year.  Rather than a separate box to check (Black Lives Matter- check!, Black History Month- check!) this work needs to be embedded within our math, writing, reading, and science curricula. This “re-imagining” requires a shift in perspective, a turning of heads to see one’s curricula from a different angle. We hope to inspire and foster this "re-imagining" through monthly engagement with the MPFS program. Some current initiatives such as International Day of Peace and our very own and special MLK Day of Service will align with BLM-YOA and we are in the process of creating a monthly calendar to track our work.  

2) Philly Children’s Movement (PCM): We have built a working relationship with PCM over the course of the past year.  PCM facilitated discussions (Developing Racial Literacy @ MPFS) in June of 2019 with families and teachers.  We will host  virtual Listening Sessions on October 8th. These “Listening Sessions” will help us to assess our “inclusivity”, meeting with teachers, families, and small groups of students (within each division of the school: Early Childhood, Lower School, and Middle School) as well as our admin team.

 3) Ongoing Professional Development: We are committed to bringing monthly experiences and resources to our staff via our Staff meetings. We are seeking funding for teachers to attend intensive workshops such as The Race Institute and the Lion's Story. Our "One Book~ One School" selection for 2020-21 is centered around the theme of race.  Titles include: Every Kindness Jacklyn Woodson (Preschool); Not My Idea: A Book About Whiteness by Anastasia Higgenbothem (Lower School); Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You (Remix) Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi (5th - 8th).   These books along with other resources will be incorporated across curriculum.  We are enhancing lesson plans and new ways to incorporate this topic into our International Day of Peace, STEAM education, etc. 

 We are seeking support to fund this work and financial assistance to bring in outside professionals who are experts in DEI work. We envision bringing in professionals for in-class presentation, workshops for our faculty and MPFS community. Your pledge will help fund our DEI work at MPFS. You can make a one to five year pledge below. Thank you for your pledge!

“In our work and in our living, we must recognize that difference is a reason for celebration and growth, rather than a reason for destruction." ~ Audre Lorde